The reports generated by the Parking Lot are uploaded to our Google Cloud Bucket.

They can be viewed in the Databox App (opens new window) (replace your-parking-lot-id with the actual ID) The data can also be pulled automatically from the Google Cloud Bucket.

Talk to your Contact in our Project team to gain access to your Google Cloud Bucket. We will set up a Google Service Account for you to use.

# Google Cloud Storage

Google Tool für Cloud Storage: (opens new window)

See (opens new window) (OAuth2 service account / OAuth2-Dienstkonto) for details on how to use your Service Account for authentication.

Google also provides client libraries for a multitude of programming languages for easy integration.

# Where to find your data

Google cloud project ID: accsi-onegate-databox

Bucket Name: gs:// (replace your-parking-lot-id with the actual ID)

Depending on the details of your parking lot you might find different types of exports.

For most general use cases the data will be found in the provider directory. Here you will find directories like cost-entries and sessions. In these directories will be the actual data. Each daily export will be named yyyy-mm-dd.csv (e.g. 2023-12-02.csv). What files are relevant to you depends on your specific use case.

# About the exports

We upload files every day shortly after midnight. There will be an upload even if no data was generated for it (e.g. no payments generated). This is to differentiate between no-data and upload failed cases.

The files in the Google Cloud Bucket are gzip compressed. gsutil automatically decompresses the file on download. If you have your own custom solution instead of using a tool provided by google you will need to keep this in mind.