# Rendering Templates

This repository (opens new window) contains rendering templates used in our platform. These templates help you to create your own templates and use them in our platform. This way you can customize every interaction and communication to your individual needs.

# Using a template

In order to use a custom template you have to add it's sourcecode in our platform.

  1. Goto Public Website -> Message Templates -> New
  2. Fill in the required details:
  • for Service choose the first subdirectory in this repositoy.
  • for Template Name set the remaining path of the template from this repository without extension
  • for E-Mails Subject and Text content are relevant, for PDF the fields can be omitted
  1. Save the tempalte
  2. If you want to add Translations you can now do so in the detail view of the newly created template

# Example

To overwrite the tempalte in mail/notification/application/application_accepted.de.html.jinja2 you have to choose

  • Service: Notification
  • Template Name: application/application_accepted